Animals Spy a New Enemy: Drones

By all appearances, animals hate drones. We don’t have the science yet to understand the attitudes of all species of animals, though there is absolutely evidence that drones stress bears out. We’ve seen kangaroos, rams, andhawks, especially hawks all destroy the flying intruders. Perhaps it’s a natural instinct for territorial creatures, like Australia’s wedge-tailed eagles. Maybe it’s a complicated metaphor for nature versus machines, with humans as the spectators. Whatever it is, there are few things as weirdly satisfying as watching a wild creature thrash a flying camera into dirt.

Drone vs P*SSED OFF ANTELOPE showing it who’s boss. Antelope WIN!

This clip of a hawk taking out a drone in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has had 5 million views—evidence of a kind of masochistic schadenfreude.

Then there’s this viral video (3.2 million views and counting) of a chimpanzee at a Dutch zoo swatting a drone with a stick—an example, primatologists say, not only of tool use but also of deliberate planning.



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