Watch A Playful Dolphin Totally Steal This Surfer’s Thunder

It’s one of the 10 commandments of surfing, with violations often called the sport’s cardinal sin: Never, ever, drop in on a fellow surfer, stealing the wave.

But as Australian professional Soli Bailey found out this week, some locals play by their own rules.

As Surfer Magazine reports, Bailey was “already feeling a bit shaky“ while surfing in the shark-infested waters of Southern Australia.

Lucky for him, the dark figure that appeared as he emerged from a left-handed barrel wasn’t a shark, but a much friendlier type of local.

Baily, 20, as seen in the video below, narrowly avoided a collision, successfully riding out the wave with an electrified look on his face.

Had the drop-in been by another human surfer, Bailey may not have been so nice. But how often does one get to go fin-for-fin with a dolphin?



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