Watch Men rescued goat after it was found hanging by Its horns from power line

Some long ladders were needed to help a goat that somehow got stuck on a telephone wire, hanging by its horns in the sky.

Rescuers were left baffled as to how the goat managed to get stuck on the wire, with its horns coiled around it as it dangled over a road in Greece.


While goats like to climb, no one has been able to give an answer as to how it got there.

The team used tall ladders to try and climb up to help the goat, however there was nowhere to rest the ladder.

Eventually the group of men used the ladder to push the distressed animal towards the nearby steep hill that the line was attached to.

During the rescue one of the men climbed the ladder and managed to get high enough to tie a rip on to the goat’s leg.


Two men standing at the top of a steep rock face nearby grabbed the rope and pulled the goat to safer ground.

Once the goat was free it quickly ran down the hill and trotted off down the road.




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