Man in Floating Bubble Rescued At Sea After Second Failed Attempt to Reach Bermuda

An oddball adventurer has been rescued while floating in an orb he wanted to run to Bermuda.

Reza Baluchi left Pompano Beach, Florida on Saturday in his bizarre bid to run 1,000 miles across the Bermuda Triangle from inside his orb.

And it wasn’t the first time.

The Coast Guard had rescued Baluchi two years before the long-distance runner was saved from his “hydropod” off the Florida coast this past Sunday.


Baluchi tried to make a similar attempt to reach Bermuda in 2014 and had to be rescued, according to reports.

That time, he was picked up about 70 nautical miles east of St. Augustine.


“When we saw him…we already knew what’s going on,” Mark Barney, Public Affairs Specialist 7th Coast Guard District told

In a move made to try and keep Baluchi safe, the Coast Guard sent the Iranian-born runner a letter warning him not to make the second attempt after they got wind of it April 15.

“Based on a review of your proposed voyage,” wrote Coast Guard Capt. A Gould. “You are not authorized to depart.”

The letter also warned Baluchi that he could face fines and jail time if he were to ignore the order.

It appears Baluchi was unfazed.

Barney said no charges were being filed at this time. He said the Coast Guard simply wanted to keep Baluchi safe, even from himself.

“We want all mariners to have a plan and be safe,” Barney said. “He could have been hit. A vessel could have hit him because he couldn’t be seen.”




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