A little dog that chased a bus for over half an hour recently became a trending topic in China

Shocking photographs showing a dog running alongside a bus carrying its owner in China has sparked outrage on social media.

The bus driver in Leshan city refused to let the animal on and its owner refused to get off, leaving the animal chasing the bus for some 30 minutes on September 4, reports the People’s Daily Online.

Many people online have criticised the dog’s owner for being cruel.

Heart-breaking: In the post, the girl said the sight of the dog running made her feel sad

Heart-breaking: In the post, the girl said the sight of the dog running made her feel sad

The images were shared on China’s social media site Weibo by one of the passengers who was shocked at what she was seeing.

She posted the photos with the caption: ‘Today I took the bus and looking at this made me sad. The bus driver did not let the dog on, the owner did not get off.

‘The travel time was half an hour or more and the dog ran alongside.

‘When I got off, the dog was still running.’

According to reports, the bus was driving slowly at the time.

However the alleged owner of the dog also took to social media and said that he was not on the bus and that he had not abandoned his dog.

He claimed that the animal was chasing after its doggy girlfriend.


On Weibo many users have been discussing the story, outraged that the dog had been left to run for such a long time.

One user commented: ‘I want to know what’s the matter, why he can’t get off.’

While another said: ‘He should have got off with the dog and picked up a taxi’.

And one user said: ‘The owner really has no brains. The road is so dangerous I do not know how he did not have an accident.”



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