Dine At The Base Of A Waterfall In The Philippines

Dine At The Base Of A Waterfall In The Philippines

Ever wonder what it would be like to dine at the base of a waterfall? The hacienda-style resort Villa Escudero located in the Quezon province of The Philippines made this is a reality. Positioned at the foot of Labasin Falls, their waterfall restaurant encourages customers to slip their shoes off, get close to the waterfall and order from the traditional Filipino menu. Here’s what the website explains:

Lunch is served on bamboo dining tables set in a few inches of crystalline running water from the falls. The experience of dining on delicious local dishes with the sparkling waterfalls as a backdrop with clear spring water running over your feet is a truly singular and memorable experience only Villa Escudero can offer.



You can expect a more casual dining experience—given you’re likely to be soaked during your meal—but what you’ll miss in culinary finery you’ll more than make up for in amazing Instagram photos.

And bonus: the surrounding area boasts lots hiking trails and opportunities for prime bird watching. You can book a full-day experience at Villa Escudero Resort with lunch included at the waterfall for $100.



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