A raccoon bandit stole a college kid’s phone and runs away with it

A raccoon bandit stole a college kid's phone and runs away with it

Video of a man trying to film a raccoon that then snatched his phone and ran away has gone viral.

You can see the raccoon running away with his handset in the film, and the little feet pounding the ground.

Guy Williams, from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, was worried he would never see his phone again after the raccoon ran away with it.



The raccoon then dropped the phone, and Mr Williams retrieved it.

He posted the resultant video on Twitter, where it has gathered over 14,000 retweets.

Mr Williams wrote on Twitter: “Had to chase it for 5 minutes and I had named it Stanley like minutes before this happened so that’s why I was yelling that.”

In the video, you can hear the raccoon sniffing the phone and see him decide he wants to keep it.

Mr Williams then shouts “Stanley!” over and over again to call the creature back.



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