Construction workers in Turkey rescue a bear who fell down a cesspit


Construction workers in Turkey had to be called in to help the bear out of the pit in order for it to survive. It’s understood the bear fell into the cesspit – a septic tank, essentially – and was discovered by the owners who then contacted authorities and began rescue efforts.

According to local news outlets in Turkey, the team were digging near a chicken production plant and had begun to smash into the cesspit.

But as they began to make holes in the structure, a strange claw could be seen scrabbling at the hole.

As the workers continued to dig and the hole got bigger, it became clear a huge grizzly bear was lurking in the pit.


It is believed the bear got stuck after going there to eat on the carcasses of the dead chickens.

Local Mehmet Yildiz said: “In the morning when a worker took the dead chickens into the pit, at that moment came a roaring sound.”

The digging team were called in to investigate and in the end released the terrifying bear.

Most bears are quite vicious – if you attack them or come into their territory – but if they happen to wander into a cesspit with the intention of chowing down on a nearby chicken farm, then it gets a little bit more complicated.



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