Do Plants Have Feelings?

Have you ever think in whether your plants that you have at your house can feel hunger or sad when they are not properly feed or whether you don’t give them enough water? Maybe it sounds a little bit crazy but plants do have emotions, they just express it a different manner as they communicate through chemical signals.

The Polygraph Test

An American scientist Cleve Backster conducted a research in 1966 that lead to the conclusion that plants can communicate with other life forms. The test involved the use of water and a polygraph/lie detector that is usually used for humans. Polygraph can measure electrical resistance and water would alter the resistance of the leaf. After the test, Backster has confirmed that:

“the tracing began to show a pattern typical of the response you get when you subject a human to emotional stimulation of short duration”

Moreover, Backster conducted the second “more extreme” test that involved burning the leave of the plant in order to know its reaction to heat. Surprisingly, even before touching the leaves, he discovered that there was a dramatic upward sweep in the tracing pattern as if the plant can feels Backster’ intention to burn the leaf even before he touched it. As a result, the fact had come to a conclusion that plants can’t not only feel things, but can also perceive bad intentions as it relates to the plant itself.


This is sound bizarre right? but it’s true. A homeplant will have a healthy grow by showering them with talk and tender touch, just ask Prince Charles🙂. They will feel “happier” if we give them more attention and affection. Because at the end of the day, they feel like we feel. They feel love like we feel love, they can feel pain when we hurt them. They are just like us and the animals.

This is what we need to realize, plants are not only a living vegetation that don’t feel any physical pain when we hurt them, actually the do. It howl just like animals when you cut or burn its leaves…only we just couldn’t hear it.

Therefore, it’s time for human to think about changing our perspective about plants. We need to treat them with more care and more love. We need to get rid of our animals mind by destroying other living creatures. Try to understand them better, give more attention to them just like you threat your pet. Remember that plants play a big major in our ecosystem, it’s not too late to support green environment.



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