Bizarre pig born with face of MONKEY stuns the world

BIZARRE photos reveal the piglet that’s shocked the world – because it has the face of a monkey.

Snaps show the mutant piglet appears to have a monkey’s head, a small snout and a protruding lower jaw.

In one picture, the monkey piglet can be seen being fed like a baby at the home of its owner in Zhijin, Guizhou province, China.

This isn’t the first time a pig has been born with a facial deformity – with new mutant pigs being reported from South America through to China.

Experts believe environmental pollution have played a role in the pig’s peculiar appearance.


Lin, from Zhijin county in China’s western Guizhou province, said the piglet scared her at first.

She told Chinese news site 6Park: ”I am already 63 years old and have never seen a pig look like this.”

Yet it’s not the first time such a creature has been born; another pig with a monkey face was born in Cuba in January.

In that case, it was born with a congenital defect which caused its death, according to local media reports.


“The piglet is very small, so in order to take care of it at any time, it basically sleeps with me”  Lin said.



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