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Look at how fabulous this fiery-throated hummingbird’s feathers are

Look at how fabulous this fiery-throated hummingbird’s feathers are

Jess Findlay, a photographer from Vancouver, shows us just how beautiful fiery-throated hummingbirds are up-close.

The creative recently went to the Talamanca Mountains in Costa Rica to photograph the colourful birds. He waited patiently for several hours and took hundreds of pictures just to capture that rare moment one of the birds stood still.

“Several of these hummingbirds were visiting a nectar feeder. As they fed hungrily, often quarreling with one another, occasionally one would get displaced onto a nearby branch,” he told Colossal.

 “I waited by the branch for a couple hours, staying very still. I used a telephoto lens with a special attachment that allowed me to focus on close subjects.

“What made this a challenge was how fidgety these birds can be and the fact that the full spectrum of colour is only seen when they pause at a very specific angle,” he added.

You can see more of Jess Findlay’s photography over on Instagram.




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