About Us

BlueDot Magazine is a web based magazine and it’s main reason of existence is to remind us all what extraordinary world is the one we are living in. Having this in mind, we, a group of people, passionate about life in all her aspects, decided to bring together the most beautiful, interesting, amazing stories about our planet.
You will find here news, pictures, videos about all animal world, meaning not only wild life but also stories about our day by day companions, the furry friends or family members that brighten our lives.
Also, you will find here, images of the most beautiful, interesting, amazing places on earth, breath taking scenery, places that should be listed on the big list of places that should and must be seen at least once in a lifetime.
Science and technology are part of our life also and because of that, we included in our topics, news about the latest developments that can be counted as great achievements of human race.
By our work, we try not only to bring you the most amazing aspects of our planet, both natural and technological world, but also we aim to be among those who fight daily to remind to the world that as long as we live on this planet, our duty is to preserve it.
By our work, we want to bring in your attention that humans share this world with millions of other species that have the same rights to be here as we have, that if we know more about this planet, about the natural world and the wonders of science, we can make or life a better place. Because knowledge is everything.
Blue Dot Magazine celebrate life, celebrate Earth.

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